Project Description


With almost 2 years in brand development and design support, we consider the guys at the IDFFL friends and great clients too! Their vision to help kids of all ages excel and progress to an elite level started in Canada and is moving into the United States as well!
Want to see your kids/athletes blossom? Contact the IDFFL today!

People often ask me what is the biggest difference between playing College football and playing in the NFL/CFL?

The game is extremely fast in the pros.” There are two major reasons for this: the level of athletic ability and knowledge of the game. Players who can develop both components at a very high level will make it to the professional ranks.

I designed the IDFFL for that purpose: to help develop athletic skill and to teach the game of football to young prospects. Our goal is to assure that you, the player, will know exactly what to do on each and every play so you can allow your athleticism to emerge.

When you are 100% sure of your assignment, you know your opponents’ tendencies and what to expect, and you are able to play without hesitation, you can play fast and “make plays”.

My colleagues and I are looking forward to working with all of you and teaching you how to maximize your talent and perform at your highest level.

Don’t miss out! Come join the International Developmental Fast Football League today as we set the new standard for rising prospects in your area, and put your skills to the test!

– Anthony Cannon, Founder