Smoke Cigars, Drink Distilled and Design Stuff…

As the title reads, here at Stronghold, we have a very relaxed way about life and the volume of contracts we entertain.

Our passion to help transform or support your brand is a exactly the opposite.

Our mission, is just as the slogan reads:

Smoke Cigars: Enjoy the world around you… wear the russian hat, bring all the laughter and be the reason someone else smiles too.

Drink Distilled:
Work hard, but enjoy the minutes you get to RELAX! Life is to short not to sip on something tasty and reflect.

Design Stuff:
We don’t care the medium… our brains need a little time each day to look at things from a different perspective… carve something, draw something, fold something… you decide.

With more than 30 years commercial design experience in many facets of the design industry, we are exited you have found our little corner of the internet and all the design services we have to offer.

Feel free to reach out and say hi or follow along as we create!